"Aliki is one of, if not THE most proficient teacher for rock/pop/distortion I know globally." — Matthew Johnson, Voice Teacher, New York Vocal Coaching

"The Duchess of Distortion, the Goddess of Grit... Aliki Katriou, best heavy metal distortion voice teacher in the game!" — Ian Temple, AllVoice Media, Los Angeles, California

"Aliki was definitely what I needed to improve my screaming technique and to be able to tour extensively with my band." — Giulian (Italy), vocalist of Epic Black Metal band Scuorn

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 Aliki's YouTube Channel 
My YouTube channel is where I upload vocal tutorials, song covers and other short videos on singing. As teaching and singing in my band comprise my full time job, I do not upload regularly. Still, I work hard to provide good content and respond to questions in the comments section. Check out my YouTube channel for a good sense of my approach to singing topics and an idea of how I teach.
My channel currently has tutorial series aimed at complete beginners wanting to learn false vocal fold distortion and vocal fry distortion.

If there are any other tutorials you would love to see on the channel, please leave a comment or send me a message letting me know!

Vocal Covers
My channel features vocal covers of songs I love.

I always include captions that state what I am doing technically in relation to voice. I try to feature fellow musicians on my vocal covers, so they take longer to make but the music is fantastic and is being played by real humans!
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Aliki Katriou, voice teacher, extreme vocals
Check out Aliki's band:
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Aliki is a human with a love for singing in all its varieties, especially extreme vocals. A soprano, she started classical singing lessons at age 16, which she continues to this day. Realizing early on that classical technique couldn't produce some tones that interested her, Aliki took contemporary singing lessons in a variety of styles and eventually trained as a singing teacher. She has an extensive knowledge of classical technique, contemporary styles and extreme vocals. Since 2013, she has been teaching voice to students from around the globe in many different genres. 

Aliki is known as the vocalist in the critically acclaimed Greek metal project Desolate Plains, the lyricist and female voice for Tattered Pages - an international project hailing from Birmingham - and the lyricist and vocalist for her own band; Eight Lives Down.

As a graduate from one of the world's leading vocal studios, New York Vocal Coaching, Aliki continues on as a consultant by training their vocal coaches on vocal distortions, and is also the guest speaker Distortion Specialist at their Teacher Training courses. She continues to study as an advanced voice teacher with world-renowned authors Dr. Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher of Vocal Process and has been asked to teach Master Classes on distortion at music schools in the US and the UK.

Constantly expanding her knowledge on voice, Aliki has completed the first two tiers of the vocal health course with Dr Jenevora Willams and the team from Vocal Health Education. She is in the process of completing the full three tiers.


"Working with Aliki was definitely what I needed to improve my screaming technique and to be able to tour extensively with my band. Learning how to properly use the false chords, the breathing, as well as building my warming up routine with her prevented me from getting injured and allowed me to deliver every single night! Definitely what you are looking for if you are into extreme metal singing."


— Giulian (Italy), vocalist of Epic Black Metal band Scuorn

 Interviews, Podcasts, Chats 
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"I love Humans, and I’m not talking about the primate species. ‘Humans’ is the new album by Extreme Metal band, Eight Lives Down. The band, formed by Greek-Kiwi vocalist, Aliki Katriou, released their debut album in September. We had the chance to chat with Aliki about her band’s new album and other things. We also listened to ‘Humans’ and wrote a review."

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"A career switch can be of benefit fror a band when they discover that the start was not the solution for a successful career. London based EIGHT LIVES DOWN may have launched such a career switch when you compare their first EP ‘May Cause Death’ with the debut album ‘Humans’, that will be out on Septmeber 5Tth through the independent Cult Of Parthenope label. We tried to find out why and asked singer Aliki Katriou about the EP and the new album…"


All-Voice Media Podcast

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"3 episodes with the great Aliki Katriou, best heavy metal distortion voice teacher in the game!
1. The Duchess of Distortion, the Goddess of Grit, Aliki Katriou, one of the best distortion technique singing teachers in the world, and frontbabe for Eight Lives Down. In this episode we have an exciting look into how Aliki became interested in singing and teaching, what it's like being a female metal singer (not easy) and where she finds inspiration on a daily basis.

2. Learn how to activate the Cricothyroids to sing like Kurt and Axl, how singing past the 5th octave makes you sound like a toilet bowl of death, and the first 2 of the 7 different kinds of rasp.
3. Deep dive on physiology, what Tibetan Throat Singing can teach you, why Aliki always makes nice with sound techs and the SM58, Death Core vs. Black Metal vs. Death Metal technique, overtones, and sweet, demonic UNDERTONES!

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Interview with Aliki from page 6!

60 min. lesson

Your 1 hour singing lesson tailored to your needs and interests. A good way to learn technique, "wake up" your voice if you've been away or ill and check in with your progress.

30 min. lesson

The perfect option to improve details in a song, your technique or warm up. 30 min. lessons can be a fantastic way to get feedback on specific issues that concern you.

90 min. lesson

Ideal for exploring techniques in depth, developing original material, preparing songs for recording and working up to live performances.

Package of 4

The best option for long-term, focused, goal-oriented lessons. Great for building skills over time and becoming well-acquainted with your instrument.

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Aliki Katriou, voalist of extreme metal band Eight Lives Down
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