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"Aliki knows the voice inside and out." — Brendan D.

"Aliki is one of, if not THE most proficient teacher for rock/pop/distortion I know globally." — Matthew Johnson, Voice Teacher, New York Vocal Coaching

"Aliki was definitely what I needed to improve my screaming technique and to be able to tour extensively with my band." — Giulian (Italy), vocalist of Epic Black Metal band Scuorn

"Every single lesson with her has helped me unlock things about my voice I didn't even know could be possible." — Blake M. (UK)

Photo credit: Bram Dewijngaert
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Aliki is a classically trained soprano with a love for metal singing in all its varieties, especially distortions. She has been teaching voice to students from around the globe in many genres since 2013. 

Aliki is known as the vocalist in the critically acclaimed Greek metal project Desolate Plains, the lyricist and female voice for Tattered Pages - an international project hailing from Birmingham - and the lyricist and vocalist for her own band; Eight Lives Down.

As a graduate from one of the world's leading vocal studios, New York Vocal Coaching, Aliki continues on as a consultant by training their vocal coaches on vocal distortions, and is also the guest speaker Distortion Specialist at their Teacher Training courses. She continues to study as an advanced voice teacher with world renowned authors Dr. Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher of Vocal Process and has been asked to do Master Classes on distortion at music schools in the US and the UK.



“Lessons with Aliki are a delight and were always the highlight of my week.
I had lessons in speech level singing and distortion before and Aliki deepened my knowledge and added another dimension to my vocal range.
Aliki's knowledge is very broad and incredibly versatile - I learned how to sing everything from Barbara Streisand and Whitney Houston via arias from The Magic Flute to how to growl like Cannibal Corpse - plus she explains everything that goes on in your throat from a physical point of view which I find super interesting.
Lessons are super fun and relaxed too - you learn so much without feeling pressure!”

— Sabine from Dark Horse

60 min. lesson

Your 1 hour singing lesson tailored to your needs and interests. A good way to recap technique, "wake up" your voice if you've been away or ill and check in with your progress.

30 min. lesson

The perfect option to improve details in a song, your technique or warm up. 30 min. lessons can be a fantastic way to get feedback on specific issues that concern you.

90 min. lesson

Ideal for exploring techniques in depth, developing original material, preparing songs for recording and working up to live performances.

4 x 60 min. package

The best option for long-term, focused, goal-oriented lessons. Great for building skills over time and becoming well-acquainted with your instrument.



Any questions? Just send me a message!
Aliki Katriou performing with Eight Lives Down
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